Sunday, September 30, 2007


This weekend Brad and I went to Chicago to visit Katie and Austin with Mom and dad and Jay and Drew. We borrowed Grandpa and Grandma's minivan and headed out early Saturday morning. We stopped in New Buffalo for breakfast and checked out the new casino there. Jamie had never been in a casino so we decided to remedy that and spent a total of $4.25 as a group on slots. No winners though! On we went to Chicago. We got to Kate and Austin's at around 11 and they were waiting outside.

We spent some time catching up and touring the apartment and the area. Then the guys watched a little TV and snoozed while the girls played dominoes.

After the guys woke up and the thrill of loosing wore off, we boarded the train and headed into the city. We walked around for a while and then ate dinner at the Rock Bottom Brewery. After dinner we hit the Sox vs. Tigers game. It was amazing how many Tigers fans were there! However, we found out that Sox fans get a little irritated when the opposing team's fans catch the free t-shirts! GO JAY!!

Brad and I really enjoyed the cotton candy!

In unrelated news, some fo you have asked to see the jeans that I made :) Sabrina finally wore them so I took some pix...enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

9 Month Check Up

Here are the the stats from todays visit:

20 lbs 6 0z (75th percentile)

29 1/4 in. long - (95th percentile)

*we think this one is a little off...Sabrina was very upset about getting measured and fought it hard. The last couple visits we had in the last month have her a little spooked of the Doc.

No shots today though so overall it was a good visit! Praise God for blessing her with good health!

Me and my Buddy

Last night I got to play with my friend Grace. Dada had Cadets with Grace's dada so we thought it would be fun to hang out while they did boy stuff. First we went to eat at Cafe 58 where I ate some of mom's mac n cheese. That place sure was hoppin'! We even saw our friend Caden there! Then we went to our house and I shared my toys with Grace. She really loved my rock n roll activity table. I roamed about some while mama and Ms. Kathy talked and talked. By 8 we were both pooped so Grace went home and I went to bed. Thanks for coming over to play Grace!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bathroom Blunder

Today as I was on the phone I watched Sabrina pull off all the TP off the roll, luckily I had my video camera nearby to catch the last bit of it and a little bit of her walking! Unfortunately because I am not tech savy, it is going to come up sideways. Oops!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sabrina the sneaky!

Friday night we spent a fun night with friends that we hadn't seen in a while! In the past year there has been three babies added to the group and just recently found out 2 are on the way (yeah!!!). We grilled out and caught up on things. The older three, Kyla, Ashley and Sabrina played....well I guess the older two played and Sabrina toddled aound after them. While the girls ate, some sneaky behavior was caught on film: See below.

Everyone minding their business, Kyla cheezin for the camera, Ashley gripping her sweet security teddy, checking out Kyla's plate and Sabrina meditating on her plan of attack when all of a sudden.........

SNEAK ATTACK!!! Sabrina lunges for the bear when Ashley least expects it! Notice Kyla watching out of the corner of her eye while maintaining her best picture smile.

Then the stare down. Kyla continues to smile, though not as much as she can sense the tension in the air. Lucky for everyone involved, Ashley is very tolerant and Sabrina is easily distracted.

Really, Sabrina is not a Bear Poacher, she just looks like one on film :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I saw something strange today in my flower bed...All summer long i have had light purple petunias. There has never been anything other than light purple blooms. I know sometimes when buying flowers, a random color will be thrown in or mixed in with the color you are buying, but usually, that makes it's appearance soon after they are planted. However, today a reddish pink bloom showed up among my purple ones....on the same plant as the purple ones!
Is this possible? is this normal? It looked rather odd...
(dont judge me for how pathetic the test of these flowers look...gardening is not a stong point of mine :) )

Little Helper

This week we were working on laundry and Sabrina took a real interest in the job. She was doing so well, I thought she could tackle the rest of the job herself. First she sorted whites and colors....
Then she loaded the machine....
Then she decided she wanted to climb in with the clothes!

So much for passing of laundry duty!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Dada!

Today was daddy's 29th birthday...he is almost 30! He had a pretty good day! He went to lunch with his friends from work and then came tome to a rib dinner mommy made. (I slept through that part). Then when I woke up we opened gifts. Daddy got some cute pictures of me in NASCAR gear and mommy got him a handcrafted wooden cement truck. He seemed to like it alot!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sabrina the Bookworm

Lately Sabrina's favorite place in the house is the bookcase in the hallway. She crawls or walks along the walls to get there and when she does, she pulls off every book off the shelf, looking for just the right one. She sometimes tries to stand on top of the stacks that are lying on the floor to reach the top shelf. Once she has satisfied that she has enough of a pile, she plops down right in the middle of them and begins to page through them. It;s one of the few times in the day where she sits relatively still for any period of time. Its so cute, but needless to say we wont be hitting the library any time soon as the shelfs there would be WAY too tempting!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Driving lesson

Today dad decided to dive Sabrina her first driving lesson in the Mustang...daddy's other pride and joy. She seemed to really like it! We're afraid she might have an affinity for fast cars like her daddy. Speeding tickets here we come!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe it? Summer is over already! The time flew! Everyone kept telling us that would happen when we had kids, but of course you don't believe it until you live it!

This weekend was extra special because we got to celebrate a big birthday with my mom. Don't worry mom, I won't spill the beans about which one! As part of the celebration both sets of grandparents came up north with us so the whole family was there. Even Kate and Austin made the 5 hour trek in holiday traffic to make sure it was special! We went out to eat with all of us at Charlies on the Waterfront and spent time talking about "the good old days"! Then we went back to the cottage for gifts, a video montage, and awesome strawberry shortcake (it was SOOO GOOD Kate!). All in all I think it was a special night.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the water or hanging out on the deck.Sabrina got some great quality time with her extended family. She laughed at Kate's goofy dancing, practiced walking with Jay, and sat on the swing with Poppy. It was so great to be all together enjoying the great weather!