Friday, July 23, 2010

Three to the clerk, one in the bag!

HI I'm Anabelle and I know my mommy talks about me alot on this blog, but this time its MY turn to tell a story! TOday was a BIG BIG BIG day for me! I love my pipeys, and I mean ALOT, more than even apple sauce and milk!! Earlier this week my they turned up broken, my daddy and mommy didnt know how it happened, but it was really sad! I still held them at night time, but they didnt do much good. Then mommy started telling me about how I can SELL my pipeys for a toy! I thought alot about this and today I decided that since they were broken, and I had had a couple sleeps without them that I wanted to sell them. SO>>> after supper, we put them in a bag and got in the car... See, here they are!

Then we went to Target and went straight for the toy aisle! My sissy and i looked at lots of toys, it was a very hard decision! Then I found a little dolly that made me giggle! It plays peek-a-boo with me and talks to me and calls me "mommy"! I LOVE it! Yep, this is the one! Then I marched up the the checkout and paid the lady with my pipeys! I have never seen mommy do that, she doesnt have pipeys, she usually pays with a little rectangle or green paper...I guess I'm just lucky!
This is the dolly I picked, I know you cant see it very well, but I was so excited by all it can do, I didnt really want to hold it up for mommy who takes WAY to many pictures!

I'm a big girl with my new dolly and no pipeys!

i hope i will sleep tonight.......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goggle Me!

This summer it seems that the heat has necessitated that we spend every waking moment we can in the pool. As result, Sabrinas hair is green, Anabelle lives in swimmie diapers and our fingers and toes are almost perpetual prunes! Its a beautiful thing!

Another lovely outcome of the summer of fish living is that the girls rarely fight! They have so much fun in the pool together that there is rarely a piercing shreik (Sabrina) or a tantrum (Anabelle) to be spied in the pool area! One of the only things that could turn pool time sour in a hurry was goggles...those little yellow buggers stole both their hearts and when one would pull it out of the box of pool toys, the other would go nuts! SO after reffing round after round of knock out drag out fights, the lighbulb went on and to target I went! (Yes I know this teaches them a terrible lesson about sharing and learning to take turns, but FYI, for us the teaching oppertunities for this subject are endless these days!)

Enter the Dora and Kai Lan goggles, one for each and made for little noggins to boot! Lets just day, they were a hit! They ran around the house with them on, and checked them out in the mirrors. OH GLEE! However, it was naptime and alas, they had to wait till after for their first swim. (I had to pry them from Anabelles hands while she was kicking and screaming, she wanted to wear them to bed!) After naptime, we got our apples and went outside, geared up for goggle time!
I must say, they looked cutely silly in them and i couldnt resist snapping away!

Testing them out...(I just love wathing them discover the world together, they have such a bond that just melts my heart! Reminds me of MY sissies and all the fun moments we have shared!)

This summer we have seen such a change with the girls and their relationship with the water, Sabrina has totally embraced everything h2o and in the last months has gotten brave enough to jump in on her own (without swimmies in the shallow and with a floatie in the deep) and has even learned to swim unassisted accross the length of the pool and willingly goes under water to find things on the bottom! We're so proud of her courage to try new things in the water and her determination to master what she learned in swimming lessons!
Her "horsie"
Swimming on her back

Jumping in the "deep"

Proud as a peacock!

Anabelle also has embraced the pool in a new way, last year she was limited to floating in a tube or being she can really splash about with much more independance using a variety of floaties! She loves to use her noodle to swim after things for her big sis.All this makes pool time more fun for mom and dad as we dont have to be constantly holding or assiting one or the other and we can enjoy floating the day away too!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


In the space between this and the last post, much has happened! All great stuff that has kept us crazy busy (hence the lack of posts and glut of pictures just dying to be see the light of day!)

One of the big things that happened was that our sweet "Miss A" has turned 2! Its so nuts to me that she's two already as she still seems like my baby!
She was a little spooked by everyone singing to her :)

We had three celebrations for Anabelle,all which were so much fun! Anabelle really loves Minnie Mouse so her parties were all "minnie" themed :)

The Iverson party was on Fathers Day and she also shared her party with Great Nana Beemer. We first ate a delicious meal at Grammie and Grampies and then everyone came to our house for a Minnie Luau by the pool!
Papa Beemer, Grampee Iverson, and Daddy with the girls
Dressed up in her luau gear :)
Opening gifts :)

The Hoogland Party was at the cottage, what more could a girlie ask for that a fun week with her extended family! Her daddy bought her minnie stickers for her to use at her party which she passed out to everyone as a "ticket" to get into the party!

On her actual birthday, mommy tried hard to make her day fun! She had princess cupcakes for breakfast, then Nana and Jay joined us for some fun at crazybounce, McDOnalds for lunch and swimming in the pool till naptime! Once daddy got home, it was time for the dinner she had chosen which was pizza and pop tarts! (Seriously, we do eat healthy otherwise!! hehehe) After supper, we headed to the barn where she got to see her present! (which she will be sharing with sis).

All in all I think it was a great birthday for this little honey :) We head to the dr on Tues and will see where she shakes out on the charts! We love our little Anabelly and so treasure her cuddlebuggy nature and her fun personality. She is always suprising us and making us smile. Thank you God for sending Anabelle Rose to us 2 years ago! We are so blessed!