Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love me a garage sale!

I'm by no means a die hard, I admit I cant do the whole Bluff Lakes Sale at 8 AM. Battling that insanity is too much for me, but give me a leisurely stroll early afternoon in and out of forigen garages filled with plunder to pick through and its a little slice of shopper heaven. Add sunshine and an eager 3 year old whole loves the thrill as much as her mommy and it's nearly perfection! Last year I stumbled upon some bigger scores (a brand new radioflyer wagon being the prize). This year I really had nothing in mind but I did stumbled upon these:

They are the cutest little sundae glasses! Got 12 for $2!!! Breaking them out brings me so much joy and the girls love them because they feel so fancy! It reminds me of playing "Spiffy Ladies" with my Grandma when I was little. I love that I can recreate it for my girls on the cheap!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bubbles and Bathing Beauties

Our last morning in Indy the girls enjoyed playing outside in their jammies with all Grammies bubbles and her scooter and then hit the pool for a dip before the long ride home!

What a great way to end such a fun trip! Thanks again Grammie and Grampie!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Indy's Childrens Museum

Ready for round two? :)
We spent a few hours with the kids at the Indianapolis Childrens Museum while we were in Indy. It is always a hit with the kids when we visit Grammy and Grampy and there are exhibits that rotate regularly so there is always something new to see (on top of all the other 6 floos of things to do and see!)! Right now they have a Barbie 50th anniversary exhibit and an Exploration of Egypt, Bob the Builder and for spring break they had turned a huge flight of stairs into a slide! Seriously, a slide! It was great fun for all of us!Barbielicious! I think I liked this exhibit more than the girls! It was so fun to see all the barbies from the last 50 years! I found a few I had had growing up and it SO took me right back to the days holed up in the basement for hours agonizing over shoe choices! I digress...
In the barbie exhibit there was a runway with bumpin music, lights, and places for paparazzi to be shootin away. The kids could got "backstage" and dress up in glamwear and strut! The girls were lovin the camera! heheh

A meal with goldielocks' Three bears!The Egypt exhibit began with a plane ride in a nearly real plane! You could even feel the vibration of landing and takeoff in the seats! The girls were really taken by all of this!

The girls really like Bob the Builder and had alot of fun exploring everything in this area...they were able to see how to plant a garden, how a water pump worked, play with wheelbarros, and crawl all over bob and his friends!

Brad even found a friend to "lean on" in Bobs workshop!

This was the huge stair/slide! We did it twice and the girls LOVED this best of all we saw there!

If any of you have kids and are in the would be crazy not to stop! Its really that good! Maybe even worth a roadtrip and a hotel if you combine it with the zoo and the millions of great resturaunts! No I'm not being paid by the Indianapolis Board of Tourism, I swear! ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Iversons in Indy

Last weekend we were treated to such a fun weekend visiting Mom and Dad Iverson in Indianapolis! We were only there for a few days, but boy did we pack it all in! The girls had such a riot and always love spending time with Grammie and Grampie!

Given all we did, this trip will probably take a few posts to cover! Here are some pics of our trip to the Indianapolis Zoo:

Anabelle was geared up and ready to go! The girlies waiting with grammie for the men to get the strollers after an exhibit. It was initally a bit chilly in the morning so we wore coats, but by afternoon it was BEAUTIFUL! One of my faves :) Checking out the polar bear
It may not look it, but the girls both really likes petting the goats! Shortly after this, Sabrina stuck her fingers in a cage to pet a chicken and got nipped!A scottish cow...Just loved this guy and his shaggy do! Anabelle got her first pony ride in! She rode a horse names sugar and LOVED it even though she was a little bit nervous getting on!
Sabrina riding Scarlette, proud as a peacock! Our best Guy :)Our little sweetie just bushed :) She sure isnt ready to skip her nap yet but both girls were troopers!

To come: the museum, bubble-rama, and swimming :)