Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a swing and a miss

Time is flying past though Eme could have started solids a while ago, I'm bigtime dragging my feet because lets be honest, the "lets eat and drool mush" stage isnt super fun. A week or so ago I decided I should at least give the food thing a test run and well...this is what happened:

Spoon in

gets "the willies" aka that shiver thing people do when something is gross

and a solid GAG (I look at this pic and can HEAR it!)

So sadly, Emeline does not have the same love of food as her mother! We worked at it for a bit with very little improvement but at least at the end we got this:

Yep, she's a doll!

We've postponed more food feeding while we try to get a handle on the reflux that has just come uo (no pun intended!). Hopefully we'll find the right combination of formula, prune juice and temperature to keep her rolly polly as ever! :)