Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silly Snowbunnies

Sabrina has been a HUGE snow lover but Anabelle has been hesitent until lately. I think the fact she could hardly walk in all her gear had a little bit to do with her dislike of the snowy outdoors :) Since she's starting to embrace the snow we have had more family outings to enjoy the weather. We have been sledding down the huge pile left from Brads plow, we have attempted snowmen (but the snow has not cooperated!) and we have even had a family snowball fight! (Great fun and giggles all around till Anabelle caught one in the kisser!) I will say I have never been one to enjoy the cold myself (except when skiing), but enjoying it through new eyes has given me a new love for the white stuff so bring it on old man winter! We dare you! ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One piggie, two piggie

Anabelle has begun to rock the "two piggie" look and I think it's pretty cute :) Crazy enough so does she. She wants her hair done every morning and not a day goes by where she doesnt ask for her bow. When I tried the two piggies for the first time, she giggled and giggled and pointed in the mirror. Too funny! :)

Ive had a lot of comments lately on how much the girls look alike...I both agree and disagree, but I do find they have some very similar mannerisms and approach tasks similarly...

The girlies have been really playing together more and lovin on eachother.I came up on this "moment" the other day and be still my heart :) SO sweet.