Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Emeline- One month

Wow! Time really flies when you're getting to know a new love!
I am already seeing Emeline growing and her face changing and wish I could stop time! Many ask who she looks like and I cant really say that she leans any which way. She has her own little look about her! Some have asked about Emeline's name, it actually was suggested to me on a babynaming board and it really grew on Brad as i as we were considering names. We both loved "Eme" (pronounced like Emmy) but wanted a longer given name that was beautiful, feminine, not super common, and yet had history. Emeline (pronounced Em-uh-line) just really stood out from the rest and fit well with the big girls! :)

The transition for the big girls has been going well too! They love to love on her, but haven't been too overbearing yet. We have been so thankful for all the love we have been shown as we transition. No lie, I have only had to cook twice since I came home from the hospital thanks to awesome friends and family. It has been so helpful as three certainly has found a way to fill my day :) We finally have gotten into a rhythm which includes Emelines eat, wake, sleep, as well as the big girls school playtime and gymnastics and finally mommy's housework. :)

This little peanut really has stolen our hearts from day one! . I really feel this is the first time our lives have been at a place where I have really been able to enjoy and soak in all the newborny goodness! Even the middle of the night feedings have been much easier to tolerate this time around. :) We are thanking and praising God every day for the fact that she is eating well, sleeping well (as a newborn can be expected to sleep) and is healthy. Cant wait to see what God has in store for our little lovey!