Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is always so bittersweet, and this year, it seemed even more so...Its a great long weekend to spend with family and friends, yet its the END to summer...its packing up, picking up, and putting away. Getting geared up for cold weather, falling leaves and schedules again! This summer having been so cool it seemed like a real cruel trick to be taking out the dock and pulling out the boats when its the warmest weekend of the summer! Regardless, we had a really great time up north...
One night we let Sabrina stay out late and go to the rodeo in Mc Bain, she was unsure at first but really came to like it after we explained what was happening: Bucking bronco= is a man on a dancing horse waving to everyone, Steer wrestling= that cowboy is chasing that little cow and hugging him! The only thing that really bugged her was the clown (man with lipstick) who drove a go cart.
Petting one of the horses with poppy.

Anabelle has been teething something wicked and we have found that one of the things that makes her happy is gnawing on apples so she and Sabrina did that alot while we were up north...it gave hours of entertainment

Anabelle spent lots of time on the boat this time up north, she really has begun to love the boat rides with dada and poppy!

We also headed to the Tasty Treat for some ice cream, this was the first time we have Anabelle her own ice cream cone, we had always just given her an empty cone in the past because it was less messy and she never seemed to care....well she cares now :) She was very protective of her cone and loved it, but was very careful only to get one hand messy...she has a little of her daddy in her for sure!
Sabrina got her usual superman and you can see she doesnt really have that "clean gene"! :)
Now on to fall I suppose...I'll be honest I LOVE fall, but I wouldnt mind having a few more weeks of summer this year. We'll have to see I guess!