Monday, May 24, 2010

As we are

If you ever run in to us out in about, generally my girlies are dressed and hair done, not always perfect, but usually they are reasonablly clean and "put together". What you may not know is that once they know we are heading home, they yank the bows out and the minute we walk through the door they (mostly Sabrina) run to get ther "comfies" on. (most of the time an odd mix of jammies and other odd pieces) The are also really awesome (like most kids) at getting dirty. :) We practice this skill often are a couple "as we are" shots of Anabelle from the last couple days messy face and hair in her eyes, just like we like it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Princess and the Parents

Tonight Brad and I took Sabrina out to Beauty and the Beast the Musical and I must tell you, it was so much fun! For the last couple months, Sabrina has been telling anyone within earshot that she is going to the Beauty and the Beast play. For all the anticipation, we felt we totally got our money's worth before we even got there! She had decided she wanted to dress as Belle for the play and really got into getting all dolled up this morning. She even asked me to repain her nails and fingernails because "thats what princesses wear". Brad and I were a little nervous how she would react to the whole thing because a) she's terrified of any "character" in costume she meets in person and b) not every scene is "happy" in this movie but once we got through the first scene, (the beggar woman freaked her out) it was grins giggles, and dancing the rest of the time! The production was incredible, for sure, but the best part was seeing it all through Sabrinas eyes. I even got teary at the end when she was booging at the end and clapping like crazy at the ovation...(what a sap, i know). Afterwords, we took her for a special dinner at Max and Ermas and indulged in freshbaked cookies and the icecream bar (a little piece of kiddie heaven!). Sabrina is definately not our sleeper, but on the ride home she crashed out from all the excitement! It was awesome having some special time jsut with Sabrina and she basked in all the attention! I feel to blessed to have had the oppertunity to do this with her and hope the future brings more oppertunities like this for both our girls.

Monday, May 10, 2010