Friday, March 30, 2012

Some bunny loves me!

Anabelle made this sweet mask at school and wears it around all the time. The other day, she came up the steps with it on and Emeline started belly laughing at her! It was so cute!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Oh I love watching my girls fall in love with each each other! Since Emeline has gotten older, she has begun to develop such a little personality. She is so smiley and giggly and always is looking for her sisters to provide a little entertainment, and entertain they do! They put on shows for Eme and show her toy after toy, explaining in great detail all of its features and why she should love it. They hold her, and plop her on their laps and pretend she is their own baby. They sing songs and play patty cake and crack to pieces when Eme shakes her head furiously.

All of this stirs my heart and brings me so much joy!...It also gives me a small window into what my parents watched unfold as their three girls, all born within 5 years fell in love with each other. Don't get me wrong, there was fighting and all...but those moments, those magical moments when it all clicks, when everyone is getting along, are what forms that bond...that lifelong, undeniable connection that will hold together through those rough years. I just hope and pray, day after day that my girls will love their sisters and cherish and support each other in the same way we do :)

The Hoogie sisters and baby "Tilly"!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Our first vacation as a family of 5 was a total success! We were a little nervous about travel with a 6 month old who has a hard time napping when out and about, but overall she did great! We couldn't have asked for more! We spent the majority of our time in Ft. Meyers beach relaxing. The girls swam, swam, collected shells and swam some more! We had a little trouble with the kids and Brad getting a little sick (croup, colds, and fever) but largely, it didn't slow them down too much. Just a good reason to get everyone to bed a little early. Eme had a few firsts while we were down there: she experienced sand, swimming and mastered sitting up!

After a few days, we went to Port Charlotte to visit Brad's Grandma Gert for the day. We played games, fed the turtles and went to visit the place where she volunteers. Last year, I was pregnant when we visited and this year we were able to introduce Grandma to Emeline. It was so sweet to see them get to know each other!

After a few more days in FMB, we packed up all our stuff (and let me tell you, there was a crazy amount of stuff involved in traveling with a baby! YIKES) and headed to Orlando to Brad's other Grandparents. We got to spend two nights visiting with them and swimming in their pool.

WHile there, Brad was able to hit the Daytona 500 which had been rain delayed and got to see the fireball track dryer incident unfold! We also got to surprise the girls with a day at Disney with Nana and Poppy! It was a truly magical day seeing the Magic Kingdom through the eyes of the girls. They were over the moon! They continue to pray every day "thank you God for letting us go to Disney". Such seriously amazing family memories! (It would not have been nearly as enjoyable without the help of my parents...they were so awesome about taking Emeline while we took the big girls on rides.

Seriously, it was a busy vacation packed full of fun stuff and lots of memories made. Best of all, I got to have my Hubby with be 24/7 for over a week, AWESOME!