Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lazy Day

Since we are spending quite a bit of time inside, we have had to get a little bit creative with toys to play with as we both get a little bored with the status quo from time to time. Sabrina's new toddler bedding came in a nice sized box which was great becasue not only did we get what we ordered, but we had entertainment for at least a couple of hours! The quilt Sabrina is sitting on was made by her Great Grandma Hoogland when she was born and she has had a great time with it lately, she pretends to go "nigh nigh" with ber babies, elmo, her books etc. then pops up and says "up up!".

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ultrasound time for "Lil peep"

Yeah! We hit 20 weeks and got to have our check-everything-out-and measure-the-baby ultrasound at the Dr.'s office. Praise God all went well and looked good and Trisha's "girl" prediction was confirmed.

We have finally decided on a nickname for this little honey..."lil peep or lil peeps". It comes from the expression "me and my peeps.." (as in my crew, buddies...)and was applied to this little one because it feels like she and "her peeps" are having a party all the time. It's goofy, but boy does it fit!

If Sabrina was a tornado in utero, this one is a hurricaine! What a mover all day long! Luckily she was relatively cooperative when she was getting measured but she definately showed some attitude! We will sure have our hands full!

The Doc has a new US machine which produces a DVD of the scan! Here are a few short (10 sec) clips of the highlights!

This is our "lil peep" waving at us!

An "I'm number one!" shot. Also check out the bicep...:)

Drama Queen: In this clip it's a little hard to tell but she has one arm on her forehead and the other by her mouth...possibly sucking fingers or posing a la glamour shots with a fist under chin :)

This is a still shot of her feet, she was really tapdancing before this shot. The cool thing was that the tech measured the foot length for fun and they are one inch long! That really put things in better perspective for me as far as size is concerned.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sledding and indoor fun

This week I met with some friends and we committed to trying some new things over the next month. One of them that I wanted to do was take Sabrina sledding. Now mind you, I hate being out in the cold so this was a stretch for me, but luckily, when I mentioned it to Brad, he got into it and made the effort to get a sled from his parents and motivated us to get outside. I have to admit, once we got out there, it was lots of fun and Sabrina really got into it! We have a small hill next to our house and after each time we pulled her down, we saw her signing "more! more!". So more she got! She even got to take a couple rides by herself once we saw she wouldnt go flying out of the sled or crashing into something. Overall, it was a success.
Here is some video of our sledding adventure. (It's really not as steep or fast as it looks!)

Monday, February 18, 2008


We are excited to announce that our next little bundle will be a pink one! Sabrina is going to have a sister! This leaves Brad outnumbered three to one, but pink suits him just fine!

The weekend

This was an eventful weekend! Brad and I had a date Sat. night and Sabrina hung out with Corrin and had tons of fun. Sunday was Brad's best day ever with beef roast for lunch and a full day of NASCAR. I worked on my sewing and Sabrina took a good 2 hour nap!
(Here are some pix of the hooded towels and burp cloth I made this weekend. The were fun projects and good practice!) Late Sunday night Sabrina came down with an ear infection and possibly the 24 hour flu. We had a visit to the ER after Brad went to tuck her in and smelled vomit. It was everywhere (not fun for anyone let me tell you!). We woke her up and she continued to throw up so off to the ER we went. They have her some antibiotics and somehting for vomitingand after an hour or two she was her spunky self trying to play with all the fun gadgets in the hospital room and begging for her gerber puffs. This morning she continued to be her old self, hopefully it stays that way!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Talk talk talk

Sabrina has been picking up so many words and signs lately! It's cute to hear her try to mimic us but it makes her seem so old! These videos include a few of our favorites :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Plow Pal

With all the snow we have gotten, Sabrina and I have been spending alot of time inside, but one thing Sabrina LOVES about the snow is that she can go out and plow the driveway with dada. She hopps in and stands on dada's lap with her hands on the wheel and squeals the whole time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sew much fun!

As some of you may know, I have been wanting to make my own baby clothes for a while now. I have never sewed anything on my own before and really have never operated a machine, but having a little one now (and another on the way) I'm running accross so many ideas that I think I could make! Can't be too tough, right? So Brad blindly put his faith in my abilities and gave this new venture of mine the green light by getting me a sewing machine for Christmas. Until last Monday, it sat in the box because let's be honest, I was CLUELESS! So Monday night was my 1st sewing class at Field's Fabrics. It began with me looking like a dope for not even having thread for my machine (in my defense, they told me all I needed was the machine) and ended with me practicing all my new techniques! I learned how to do a zigzag stich around the edges, to sew on the bias for maximized stretch, to sew through denim, make button holes, and do a blind hem (which is really exciting for hemming dress pants!). I was very excited about all I learned and can't wait to try out my skills at home on some of my own projects!
My handiwork after my 1st sewing class!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have never really attempted to win a blog giveaway before, but this babywearing sling looks really cool and worth checking out (see the link on the right side of the screen). You too can try to win this cool stuff, Emily at Ellinghouse has great giveaways!