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Mothers Day...Belated

Hmmm...I wish I could be more on top of getting these posted, but such is life sometimes!

Here are a couple of shots of the people I was blessed to spend Mothers Day with:
Four generations, Gigi, Nana, Me and the girls...I love that my girls have been able to spend time with all of their GREAT grandparents! What a special gift! When I look at this pic, I think back to a four generation picture of me, my mom, Gigi and my great grandma Bratt (with whom I shared my unique birthday). I still remember going to her house and eating bubblar! I love that I have memories of her!
My mommy and my girls...I love this picture, One of the coolest things is to see my mom with my girls. It is a window into what my very young years were like. I get to see how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to have my Mom. I lOVE YOU MOM!
I am also so humbled that I have been blessed with my two girls...being their mom is my greatest honor.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Wolf (From Anabelle's perspective)

A couple weeks ago, daddy suprised us with a overnight trip to a hotel where I got wet ALOT!!! When we got there, sissy and I saw this HUGE mess of wood, pipes, rope and water spraying everywhere! I was a bit mezmerized! My mommy got me in a swimsuit and in we went! It was loud in there and alot going on, so I wasn't so sure about all this, mommy held me close but one I saw Sabrina having fun, I thought it must be ok! We slept in some strang place, I fell asleep ok, but when I woke up later, it was dark and strange so I wanted mommy in there...I made her stay awake with me for the next 3 hours while I crawled all over her. The next day we swam some! All in all it was a fun trip! Did you see me in that picture with my big smile? You can see my crazy tooth on top...last week I got another tooth on the other side! hehehehe I'm not sure if thats how most babies do it, but that's how I like it! It's way better for drooling!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tulip Time, week in review

Tuesday we went out as a family to take some pics, watch the dancers, and eat dinner at the fat wagons. Anabelle wasn't feel to up to the pictures so we didnt have a whole lot of luck...but even without smiles, they did look stinkin cute! We also used the new wagon I got at a garage worked great! Still very pumped about that find!
Wed. my mom and I went to the parade with the girls. I was positive Sabrina would love the parade and she had been talking so much about it and she has been to a number of them. I was worried about Anabelle with the noise and the fact that she would be skipping her nap. O how wrong I was! Anabelle LOVED the action, the wagon and all things parade! SHe bee-bopped the whole time and played the instruments I took along for the girls. Sabrina was an entirely different story! At the first sound of the drums, Sabrina flew into my arms and started whining about wating to go home! (Rewind back to the christmas parade where they had a huge flame thrower on one of the floats that scared the pants of Sabrina.) So, for the first half of the parade she kept her hands over her eyes and a frim grip on Nana and I. Slowly she warmed up to the action and enjoyed the last half at least! Just goes to show you, with kids, you never really know what will happen!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiny (Dutch) Dancer

SO, before I post the traditional Tulip Time pics, I though I'd post this video of Sabrina, after all the the festivities this week. Yes, that is a doll stuffed in her skirt...