Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ft. Meyers and Port Charlotte

Last week we headed out on our first big family adventure to Florida. Most days I am a natural procrastinator, but seeing as traveling with two small kids was novel to us, I actually tried to get my act together ahead of time and pack over a period of days. I got some great advice from friends and family and when the big day came, we left with one big case and two carryon bags for the four of us and two backpacks with "plane entertainment". Amazingly we had everything we needed and nothing more! :) The girls talked for weeks in advance about going on a plane and were super excited. They did great both ways! Sabrina even cried when we landed because she was sad to "get back to the Earth".

The girls and I on the plane enjoying modern technology :)

When we got to the Pink Shell, it was late (10PM!) but the girls were so excited we took a quick tour of the pool and the hotel and then to our room There were two kissing swans in the master bedroom and the girls got quite a kick of this and they inspired lots of canoodling and giggling.

Each morning we would head down for the breakfast buffet. Great food and lots to choose from.

Our days then were filled with lathering up with sunscreen and heading down to the pools or beach. They had so much fun in the water and meeting other kids. Sabrina even perfected her "cannonball!"

The old folks looking on :)

A couple of family shots...

After pur time at the Pink Shell, we headed to Port Charlotte where Brads Grandma lives. We spent the night there and the girls had so much fun with Grandma Gert feeding turtles in the canal, playing with her beanie babies, reading books and playing Uncle Wiggly. Such special time getting to know Grandma better!

The last day we came back to Ft. Meyers to catch or plane but had a couple hours to spare and ended up at My Aunt Jans condo with My Aunt Lisa, Cousin Corrin and her friend Erika. The girls got to spend some time in the pool one last time and got tons of fun play time :) Perfect way to get some energy out before the long ride back home!

The weather the whole time was perfection and it was great to have some time away from "real life". It was so "easy" with kids 4 and 2 1/2. It was a good reminder to soak up all the fun this summer with them as things will become more complicated in September with a new little one to integrate into the family schedule :) Don't get me wrong, we are so excited for this little addition, but we do rememer what having a newborn is like...and being outnumbered will be a new adventure. :)