Saturday, January 24, 2009

Say Cheese!

This week I finally got around to getting the girls pictures taken, Sabrina's 2 yr. and Anabelles 6 mo. We had alot better outcome than last time with Anabelles 3 mo pics. Here are just a couple :)

Looking at these pics reminds me of how quickly time passes, as we were posing Anabelle, I felt like I had just done these poses with Sabrina and it was one of those reality checks that I really DO have two kiddos! And there was Sabrina standing next to that giant two...I could have cried, yet there is so much joy in the newness of each stage and pride seeing your child grow up! Yeah, all that just from a trip to Sears! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Murder at the Four Deuces

Don and Meme Wannabe
The Whole Gang, Quite Literally
This weekend was full of scandal and intrigue...we along with the rest of our friends from church were transported to the 1920's to a club called the Four Deuces where lots of shady things went down including 4 murders during the course of the evening! Brad and I were Don and Meme Wannabe, owners of the Four Deuces. There was alot of bribery, lying cheating, and stealing.
The Guys, L to R: Brad Balder as "Big Jim" Ravioli, Brian Busscher as Congressman Darrin Toosteal, Ryan Lubbers as Inspector "the Nose" Nutella, Nick Terpstra as Capo "toto" Tequila, Brad as Don Wannabe and Brent Heeres as Al Capone
Kim Lubbers as Barroness Ravioli, Me as Meme Wannabe, Kathy Busscher as Vicki Ravioli, Holly Heeres as Carrie Crooner, Sarah Terpstra as Rebecca Ravioli, and Holly Balder as Mary Toosteal
Dinner with all the suspects got a little heated at times as secrets were revealed!

Look at this mug...He won best costume!

We all had a great time, but I just gotta tell you,for those who know Sarah, and think she's so innocent......let's just say I'd think again!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shots times Two!

I made a rookie mom of two mistake and scheduled both girls for their check ups at the same time...and during afternoon naptime no less! (It also was the only time avalable for a while) Thanks heaven for Nana who came with me to wrangle kiddos during this experience! The excursion began with both kids dirtying their diapers in the lobby so when weigh in time came...well you can use your imagination. Sabrina did awesome with the whole check up and even was quite a trooper with the shots! Anabelle wasn't too excited about the whole experience, but hung in there.She does have to get an x-ray of her left hip as there seems to be some problem with rotation on that side. Hopefully everything will come out ok there. Stats are as follows:

Anabelle 6mo: 16lb 6 oz (50%) and 27in (75%)
Sabrina 2yr: 28 3/4 lb (74%) and 34 3/4in (74%)

Both girls with their bandaids

Anabelles 6 mo. Pic

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace!

Dear Grace,

How we wish you were celebrating your birthday here with your Mommy and Daddy and Jackson today! I know you would have had so much fun! Your Mommy is quite a baker and has baked you a special cake you would have loved! I bet you would have had quite a party with all you cousins running around, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents loving on you! You were such a special girl with so many people who just ate up all your hugs and smiles and giggles! I bet you would have laughed and squealed until you pooped out at bedtime! It's hard to imagine a happier day for a little girl...yet Grace you are experiencing a happiness beyond what we can imagine. I bet you are wishing you could share a little bit of that happiness with your family today! You'd have that big grin on your face... We are praying extra hard for all your family here as they are sad they dont get to celebrate with you in their arms.I know they are all thinking of you today and all the fun things they got to do with you. And though we know you are safe in Jesus' arms, we all just wish you had been here longer! Your family sure can't wait to see you again and neither can we. We hope you are having a special day Grace! We miss you!

Brad, Lindsey, Sabrina, and Anabelle

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Weekend Part 2

So after three fun days with the Lubbers in Lake City, we headed to Great Wolf Lodge for three days alone as a family. This was our first vacation alone as a family of four and it was great! Sabrina LOVED the water even more than last year and learned how to swim on her own with a life jacket and how to hold her breath and go under water. She ran from area to area and really kept Daddy busy! Our days went something like this...wake up, eat, swim, eat lunch, nap, swim, eat dinner, swim, and then totally crash! Anabelle loved the water too although her nap schedule prevented her from going in quite as much as her big sissy but mommy loved holding you all crashed out at the water park...there's always next year "anabelly"! She also cut her two bottem teeth while we were there which made for a couple sleepless nights for mommy pacing the floor. All in all is was such a great time as a family and a MUCH needed break from the house!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Weekend Part 1

After being a bit stressed out by all the chaos of the last few weeks and the house building process, we were able to get away for a few days! Oh sweet relief! As I went a bit picture happy, I thought I'd post this weekend in two parts!

On Friday morning we headed up to the cottage with the Lubbers Family for a few days! The kids had lots of fun playing together and the daddies had some fun outdoors with the kiddos. Sabrina loved the snow and made her first snow angel. She also took her first snomobile ride with daddy and loved it! There was some doubt about whether or not Gavin would like the snow, but he didn't seem to mind it and took a spin on the snomobile too!

It was a nice relaxing weekend. The girls loved spending so much time with Daddy! Sabrina did have one time out, and as you can see, she was a bit embarrassed as it was in front of "Gav-man"!