Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anabelle's First Birthday Party!

Yup, my Sweet Anabelle is almost one! Where did the time go? Yesterday we had plans to throw a fun pool party for Anabelle's 1st birthday, but plans changed unexpectedly! We (along with many other West Michigan families) had battled the monsoon we got much of Friday night. We were left very tired, but largely unscathed...lost power, water and little sleep for Brad, Sabrina and I were the worst of our damage. We were extremely lucky as so many in our area lost so much!! Needless to say, we couldn't really throw much of a party without working bathrooms or electricity, so Brad's parents hosted the party at their house. We all had a great time, especially Anabelle who was spoiled with goodies and lots of lovin!

All five of the Grandgirlies! All blue eyed blondies!
Beginning the big birthday meal! Anabelle and her cousin Sophie who were born just 3 months apart!
Trying to figure out this silly hat!
Present Time! Anabelle on her new toy!
Love my Grampee!!Cake time began like this...
And ended like this! Anabelle hated the texture of the icing and began to cry almost immeadiately! We kept trying, to entice her with the sugary goodness and the yumy cake, but with no luck!Maybe next year! Thanks to the whole family for helping us pull the party together in the midst of our chaos! It meant alot to us that we were able to still give Anabelle a great 1st birthday! Love you guys!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


You may have thought that this post would be about my girlies, but that's not the case this time...I spent this weekend with two of the most treasured people in my life, my sissies!! My sister Jamie is getter closer to her big wedding day and to celebrate the end of her single days, Katie and I threw her a bachelorette party this weekend. Kate lives out of town and when she gets to come home its a whirlwind for her and her hubby, trying to spend time with all their friends and family in Holland. That means usually we dont get to spend a whole lot of quality time just hanging out, but this weekend was different. Kate and Austin spent the weekend at our house and between the wedding we all attended, the party for Jamie, and the family time on Sunday we got to bank some quality sister time. For those who don't have sisters, you may not understand the bond that develops from years of late night secrets, sharing clothes and toys, yelling and tears, and church giggles that defy explaination. Its a pretty incredible thing to have built in friends who will always stand by you. These relationships are priceless and irreplaceable! It was so fun to team up with Kate and plan somthing for Jay that we hoped she would love and then get to see her and her friends enjoy it! I can't tell you how thankful I am that my girls will have the chance to develop that same relationship with eachother.
Love you Both!! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Anabelle

Well, I'm finally posting Anabelle's 9 mo. pics, even though they were taken at 10 months and she is now 11 months!

It totally blows my mind that she is almost a year old already! SOme days I feel so bad because in some ways it feels like I missed so much of her 1st year as we were drowning in the building process, but as we are finally coming up for air, I see a honey of a big girl! Anabelle is such a cuddle bear! She always is burrying her head in my shoulder and nuzzing up to me which I LOVE beacuse I'm a cuddler too. She also has a little sense of humor developing, she loves to play games with you like peeking around corners or popping up from behind the footstool. She also is growing into the lil sis role and is playing with Sabrina so much more. The often tries to mimic Sabrina or keep up with her (which is tough for anyone!) Recently she has taken her first steps and is standing on her own so much more. She is proud as a peacock!

As a mom I am challanged by Anabelle as her intense need to be near mommy can at times make getting things accomplished difficult as she will bust out a blood curdling scream with crocidile tears when I'm not giving her the attention she needs. I'm learning to do things very quickly and learn to tollerate the screaming some!

Anabelle is also FINALLY getting her front teeth, so she won't look like a cute little vampire much longer!

I just love my sweet Anabelle and cant wait to celebrate her big birthday next month!