Monday, August 27, 2007

Crib Solution

I'm sure you were all waiting on bated breath to find out what we came up with to curb Sabrina's biting on the crib. We looked on the internet and found a place that sells a fabric rail cover that has velcro to keep it over the rail. It's not perfect, but it works!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Steppin Out!

Yeah! Sabrina took her first steps on her own tonight! At first she was standing on her own, took one step and then just stood there, looking at us for second or two then tipped over. Then we stood her up again and she got two or three steps in! We're really in for it now!

A fun Saturday

It's Sabrina's turn to tell you what's been happening:

"What a fun day today! Daddy brought home a burley for me to ride in behind his bike yesterday. Since it was so nice out today we took it for a spin. I loved it! I can't wait to go riding as a family. (Thanks Gramee and Grandpee!)

After that mommy and I went to visit my buddy Gavin and his mommy Em. He's been home from the hospital now for a week and is getting bigger all the time. He was sleeping for most of our playdate like a good boy but mom says soon we'll be chasing eachother around!
After my nap mom and I hung out and played with my little people Noah's ark. Mom makes all these silly noises when she has the animals....I laughed alot, but I think she might be crazy! I just really enjoyed putting them in my mouth. Ive been learning how to climb too...Uncle Jeff made me a cool toybox and I love to climb up the side! When I turn around though, mom and dad always look worried. I wonder why? My moms new favorite thing is to glue crazy things on my jeans....she thinks its cute. Nana thinks its funny because Nana made mommy wear stuff like that shen she was little and mommy and her sisters teased her for it! Now it's my turn to tease! I'll be modeling them for you all soon!

After such a busy day I'm pooped! I'm looking forward to a fun couple days with Grandmee and Grampee!"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Daughter: the Woodchuck

So yesterday, Brad went in to Sabrina's room to get her up from her nap and she had black specks all over her face. Brad had no idea what they were until he looked down at the edge of the crib. Our sweet girl is using her new bottom teeth to chew on the side of the crib! It's not pretty. Don't worry, it's not lead paint...but it is a problem! We cant use plastic rail protectors because the sides of the crib are curved...we are at a loss. Any ideas anyone?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today we got an unexpected visit from Unkie Austin and Auntie Kate who are living in the Chicago area. They were in town visiting friends and family and decided to stop in. It had been a while since they'd seen Sabrina and she was excited to show off her new tricks and her tooth and a half! She walked (behind her walker), crawled, hi-fived and got pooped out from all the excitement. Her favorite part was showing her Auntie and Unkie her big teddy bear. Thanks for stopping in guys! It was great spending time with you, we can't wait for the big game in September!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sabrina's new friend

Brad says "Hi to everyone reading this blog. Hope you enjoyed my posting!"

Last week Sabrina and I went to a neighbor's garage sale and saw a great big, never used teddy bear for $4! What a steal! We have found recently that she LOVES stuffed animals, not unlike her mommy. We brought her new friend home and it's one of her favorite toys to tackle, snuggle and climb all over! As you can tell from the pics, Sabrina's doing a bit of teething. She has one tooth already and has been cutting her second one in the last couple of days. We are praying that the rest of them come all at once as each tooth brings minimal naps and a picky eater! So goes it!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Something New

Thought this might be a fun way for friends and family to keep up on what we (mostly Sabrina) are doing! Her biggest accomplishments have been crawling and beginning attempts at walking. She loves exploring walking behind her walker and walking alongside furniture really gets her where she wants to go. This definitely makes moms day more busy as you cant leave her alone for a second!
Lately, our favorite thing to do as a family is swim. Sabrina has really taken to the water and she laughs, giggles and splashes away the whole time. This past weekend we were at Macatawa Ledgends with some families from church and then to the cottage so there was lots of time in the water! Sabrina took her first Sea Doo ride and drove the pontoon boat!
It sure was a big weekend for her!

Another feat Sabrina is working on is talking! She is really using lots more consonant sounds. We are now getting much clearer "mamama's" and "dadada's". She is also seeming to understand more language. She definitely gets excited when you mention "num num's". It's so amazing to see her catch on to things all of a sudden!