Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hudsonville Fair

SO tonight daddy came home a bit early so we could support some friends at the Lamb Auction at the Hudsonville Fair. It was fun to introduce the kids to that experience...Sabrina was confused by why the man was talking so fast. After the auction, we checked out the 4H barns, the tractor display, a kids show, hit some rides and games, had dinner in the rain. We even introduced Anabelle to cotton candy...she didnt like the texture, but loved the flavor and would reach out of her stroller for more and frantically sign "please!". Overall a fun night. Brad and the girls at the auction. Anabelle often isnt content to sit and ride in her stroller, I happened to have my sling in the car that I used when Anabelle was a newborn and decided it try it out again and it really worked great and Anabelle loved it because she was close to mama! :)
Sabrina hit the train ride all by herself and really liked it!
Sabrina checking out the wheel wells in the John Deere
Anabelle LOVED sitting on the tractors and driving!
It was one of those days to just enjoy the joy of exploring something new through your kids eyes.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Linclon Park Zoo

At the beginning of August, we were invited down to Chicago to stay and my Sister and Brother-in-laws new apartment for the weekend. While we were there, we went to the Linclon Park Zoo which is an amazing, huge, FREE zoo in the middle of Chicago. If you have kids, and haven't taken advantage of this experience, it's definately worth it! The day we went was CRAZY hot, but there was enough shade and indoor exhibits, that made it bearable. Sabrina loved seeing all the animals and spending time with her Auntie and Uncle. Here are a few pics of our trip to the zoo.

Our family :)
Kate and Sabrina in front of the lions den
The favorite for most of us was the polar bear, he was swimming alot to keep cool and would come right up to the glass. It was amazing to see such a large, beautiful animal swimming so gracefully!
Sabrina and the apes :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camping Part 2

The rest of our week comprised of the following in no particular order :)
Playing Chalk...No Sabrina wasnt barking out commands :)
Eating Play Doh Ice Cream
Mechanic Anabelle to the rescue as Sabrina grabs her cell for AAA
Anabelles Favorite activity of the week!
Scooting on the scooter
ALl the kids in our group!
Sillies with Daddy

Dirt, dirt and more dirt!
First Smore, she didnt like all the sticky, so it was one bite and done!

We adults also had fun, even though it was alot of work! Once all the kids were in bed we had great company by the fire at night waiting for us! I feel so lucky to have such a great small group do "do life with" in this way! We had so much fun and I think we'll actually go again :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping Part 1

Last week we went camping at the Confrence Grounds with our small group. It was our first attempt at camping as a family with kids, a much different challange then tenting it with two I might point out! We had a great time and we even enticed daddy to stay out a couple of nights! The first group of pics are from Sunday when daddy was there all day and we were able to head down to the beach. Everyone had a great time! Even Anabelle attempted to enjoy herself (she DETESTS sand!).
SHe's trying hard to make the best of sitting on her Beach blanket!Watching daddy and Sabrina head for the water from afar!
This curious crowd of little ones turned into this:in a flash! The kids were planted in neat little rows and loved it! :) Daddy and Sabrina working on ther own project later.
It was a great day and the beginning of a great week, more to come later!