Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy at work

hehehe How could I resist?!?

We are just DYING for Anabelle to get potty trained sooner rather than later and she shows NO interest so the other night we plunked her on the throne with multiple sippy cup refills and kept her entertained there as long as we could. She was happy as a clam to have books read to her and to have the undivided attention of one of us for over an hour. Towards the end we gave in and let her play the "cake game" on daddys phone while daddy got some work done. Cute photo op...but sad to report no success this time!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Sunday

Oh how we have waited for some time to play outside! Brad has been hard at work getting the yard projects completed in the cold weather and the girls have had to watch from the house. We have been adding landscaping and a firepit! :) Finally this Sunday the weather cooperated and the girls were able to play outside and Brad could have some rest (as much as my dear Hubby can tolerate).

First he and the girls tried to fly a kite together. Though, I think it was daddy who did all the work. Unfortunately it wind kept switching directions so success was very short lived.

Here is a shot of the fire pit my dear hubby created :) I'm so thankful to have a very handy husband who enjoys dreaming up and making things like this happen. I already see years worth of family memories made in this little nook in our yard.

Sabrina testing out the pit for us :)

After a little bit, Brad and the girls got bit again by the work bug and decided to move the wood pile from where the compost is over to the new firewood pad at the back of the fire pit. The girls got the gator and daddy loaded it up with logs and they drove it over and added each of them to the new pile. Anabelle was very into looking for sticks for kindling and Sabrina with the driver extrodinaire. They had all kinds of fun helping.
Not sure if you can tell, but in these pics Anabelle had a mouthful of beef roast. We had eaten 2 hours earlier and beef roast is apparently not her fave and she tucked away that final bite in her cheek so she didn't have to swallow it. We didn't notice it until much later when she finally gagged it down. WIll her food quirks ever end? :) hehehe

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

What an awesome day to celebrate our risen Lord and Savior! We were lucky enough to be able to spend time with both sides of the family and take part in devouring some amazing food and the kids participated in a Easter Egg hunt!