Sunday, July 24, 2011


SO i have tried to do an update post on our lives lately a couple times, but to no avail so instead I will tackle that another day and announce the beginning of round three of the NAME GAME!!!

For those of you who still read the blog and may have missed out on the other two rounds, heres the deal. With each child, at the end of the pregnancy, given out clues to the name of our child and welcomed guesses via the blog or Facebook with the winner receiving a small prize. The clues will be about the first and middle names and you must guess both correctly to win. We wont be revealing the name until Jellybean is born, but will keep track of the winner and will get out the prize after she's born.

I'll keep a running list of the clues on the side of the blog for easy access. :)

So drumroll please:

Clue #!: The first and middle names together have a total of 9 letters.

Good luck and happy guessing! :)