Sunday, January 31, 2010

I hate football

Most of you who know me can attest to my hatred of football and to be honest, most all sports really. Football is just exceptionally excruciating for sensitive ears and the constant crowd noise, the crazy rules i dont understand (and dont care to), and the men prancing around is capris and a shirt stuffed with padding juming all over each other every 2 min causing pain to others who have done them no wrong!! WHo dreams up this stuff?!?
Ok ok, sorry to all you who love football, (including my husband) and most of my extended family, I hope you can love me in spite of this....the upside to all this is while "the game is on I get to have silly time with the girls and take some cute pics which you now get to enjoy, so in the end I guess everyone wins :)

Oh, and for my husband and Grammee and Grampee I must write, "GO COLTS". :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday was my wonderful dads birthday! We celebrated with dinner out at the Piper (I recommend the woodfired pizzas, my fave combo...chicken, pineapple and roasted garlic! Try it, its perfection!)and a Coldstone Cake...delish! There are alot of awesome things about my dad, I could write on for days, but one thing that really stands out in my mind is how he always makes a point of telling his girls how much we mean to him at just the right time...we always know we are loved :) Sounds like such a simple thing but being a therapist and seeing so many young girls with self esteem issues who would give anything to hear those words from a daddy, or anyone really...boy it means alot! It also makes it easier to really know the love of our Heavenly Father when we have truely felt the love of our earthy one. Thank you dad for that gift! Love you and Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Docter Docter!

The girls had their checkups this morning....yup I said check upS, 2 of them, together in one room with a total of 5 shots to look forward to! YIKES! Oh yeah, and for some reason I booked it for 8:40 AM! What was I thinking!!! Thank goodness Nana is a fan of being trapped in a small room for two hours with no toys and two anxious little girlies! heheh! On to the Stats:

Anabelle at 18 months: 33 1/2in (90%) and 23.3 lbs (25%). She also is being treated for a sinus infection after we discussed how she's been nonstop sick since November and he saw a bit of fluid in her ear and junk in her nasal cavity. SHe handled the prodding like a pro and the 3 shots she got didn't bug her too much!

Sabrina measured out at 38 1/4in tall (75%) and 33 1/4 (75%) for her 3 year check up. She handled all the questions and prodding well, but the shots were looming and when the time came she fell apart and the kicking and screaming began. It was heartwrenching! I was back to that time when they were infants and so innocent to it that it makes you cry as a mom to give shots....this time it was similar. Here was my baby begging me not to have these people hurt her, and I have to hold her down and let them do it! I felt like I betrayed her and the tears came! She has told me several times today "this is the worst day ever!"...oh the drama! :) But not all the shots are done until 4-5yrs old! Yeah!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Itsy Bitsy

Around Christmas time, we discovered that Anabelle knew the motions to the itsy bitsy spider! This was not something we taught her, she must have just picked it up from sis....anywho, we started singing it and away she went! We did it like 3 times in a row and it finally occured to me to get the camera (duh) and we got this version....which starts out great and ends with a little Michael Phelps Immitation :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sabrina Ballerina

A few weeks ago we had observation day at Sabrinas dance class. I think Brad and I were as excited as Sabrina! I was really curious how things were going to go as Sabrina is the youngest in the class but she really impressed us! :) Really, they all did, it was too cute to see all these 3-4 year olds in their leotards :) Walking on tip toe through the hoops, looking in the mirror. Tendu to the side Arabesque at the barre Sabrina with her proud papa! Here's a video of the girls dancing to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", Sabrina is the one with her back to the camera with the pigtails :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Review 2009

Another Christmas in the books...they seem to come and go so fast! We were so blessed to spend time with family and celebrate the birth of our Savior! Here are a few highlights of the season! Brad with his NASCAR flag :)
The girls checking out the awesome princess tent they got. We went up to the cottage for the whole week of was so much fun and so relaxing! Here's a shot of the girls in their Christmas Jammies, not a great shot, but the best we could do :)
Playing out in the snow, Anabelle didnt last long, but Sabrina loved it. Both girls snowmobiled a bit too!
Anabelle came in from the cold and made puppy chow with Auntie Jay...She LOVED it and snooped ALOT!We went to the Kaliseum in Kalkaska for some swimming, Anabelle was unsure at first, but once she warmed up she didn't want out!Sabrina and her gingerbread house!With her cookies for Santa :) After we got home from the Cottage, we had our own party. The girls got sleeping bags from Brad and I and loved playing in them. Sabrina has slept in hers every night since!
Our last party was with the Iverson's, the girls had so much fun with thier grammie and grampie and thier cousins! Anabelle refused to be in the picture with the cousins until Grampie stepped in and saved the day :)
This Christmas was the first one where Sabrina actually understood what was going on some... We read the Christmas story often at her request, she asked lots of questions about the Saviors birth, (some really funny!) she belted out Christmas songs, she was excited about stockings, terrified of Santa still (theres always next year!), and it was so much fun to watch her be so excited about all the parties! :)

Anabelle really got into opening presents this year and doing whatever sissy did :) She was very excited when she saw Santa at Nana and Poppys house, but didn't want anything to do with getting close to him. :)

I feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate such an amazing gift with our families. :)