Friday, January 6, 2012

Turning 5 is hard work!

SO hard to believe that the honey that made me a mommy is already 5!!! The time has gone way too fast! Sabrina has been our bright, sweet, thoughtful, talkative, energetic little buddy from moment one! Her quest for knowledge is unending and her passion for life can be so contagious! We are so blessed to have had these 5 years with her in our care!
Thisyear since she was a "whole hand" we told her she could have a friend party. She has recently developed a love for gymnastics and wanted to share that with her friends so we headed to a gym for her party! It was so fun to see all the kids running, jumping, tumbling and burning off the sugar from their cupcakes! :)

We also had parties with both sides of the family.
At the Hoogland party we celebrated with dinner and an ice cream cake....the cake was stored in a freezer in our barn that was not so frozen and as a result, the cake was....welll.....a MESS! Thankfully Sabrina did not mind a bit :)

With the Iversons we headed out to Alpen Rose for brunch. The girls always look forward to spending time with their cousins! After, we came to our house for cake and gifts.

Lastly, we celebrated at home on the actual big day. We made a homemade confetti cake (her fave) and had the dinner of her choice: Ham loaf and corn, applesauce and rolls (not quite as crazy as in years past, although until the day before the menu was ham loaf and pancakes!!)

The birthday girl with her little sisters. :)

Cannot wait to share the next year with you Brina-Bo! :) You are a treasure!