Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Punkins Pumpkins

Blogger and I have been in a bit of a fight. I keep trying to post, it wont let me. I stick my tounge out, It shuts down. Hence the 5 week absence. I have a big gap to fill, but we'll start with the present and work back. :)

Monday night we decided to bust out the grubbs and knives and do a little pumpkin carving! The girls had picked out thier gourds the previous weekend at the farmers market with Mommy and Nana. Sabrina immediately went for a biggun while Anabelle gravitiated towards the very petite. We had to keep encouraging her to think bigger so we could actually carve the thing!

In true Anabelle style, she got a little attached to her pumpkin and initally she didnt want to carve it at all! We really had to convince her that she would like seeing it all glowing at night after we carved it! (this is the same girl who has slept with and dragged all round the house the small pumpkin she painted nearly 4 weeks ago!)Sabrina dove right in with all kinds of gusto directing what shapes she wanted for each feature! Sabrina wanted happy cheery and Anabelle wanted something more scary!

Since it wasnt dark enough when we finished carving, we went in and got jammies on and brushed teeth and then headed out to enjoy them all aglow :)