Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Earning her keep

Sabrina learned today that you have to work hard to make it in life! She went to go see daddy working at Mike and Em's house and really got her hands (and everything else) dirty! She liked the texture of the concrete and was taught to use a trowel, had a ride in the bobcat,learned to use a come-a-long and shovel (there is video below of her shovel lesson)!

Towards the end she got to watch Daddy and Tim finishing the slab with trowels.

Needless to say her shoes have seen better days, but maybe they say a little something about the girl she will become, a little bit mama and a little bit dada...

Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Proud Graduates, Jamie and Drew
(My little sis and her great guy)

"The Big moment"
(Jamie painted the top of her cap like "Where's Waldo" to make sure we could see her and it worked GREAT! See if you can spot her!)

After four long year, Jamie has graduated with a degree in nursing (even though she has the summer to finish up her last classes) and Drew now has his degree in business. It really is amazing to see this day come as I often still think of them both as high schoolers (no offense guys!). We just wish them both the best as they head into the "real world" to begin jobs and all kinds of new adventures!

Celebrating with family at Boatwerks

Kate and Sabrina taking a walk

Poppy and Sabrina looking at the boats

Nana, Great Grandma and Sabrina

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sabrina and the girls

Sabrina, Morgan, Lilia, Allie, and Abigail

We were very excited to see out niece Sophie get baptized this past weekend! All went well and it was a beautiful service and celebration. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the diaper bag which went to the nursery with Sabrina so no pics of the big moment! I did get a cute one of (almost) all the girlies outside of the church before we headed for lunch.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the fun begins!

When I was pregnant with Sabrina, we had many people asking about the name we had come up with her and along the way we gave clues to friends and family about her name. Unintentionally, it became this big deal and we had people we didn't even know searching for lists on the internet and cross referencing them to try to narrow it down. Unbelievably, the nurse we had when Sabrina was born just the day before had been at a cardmaking party with some of my coworkers and had been discussing this very thing and knew all of our clues! In that whole time, only one person guessed the name correctly and when asked if she got it right if she REALLY wanted to know, she said no so she didn't know she was correct until after Sabrina was born.

Since we had so much fun the first time around, we decided we needed to do this for 'Lil Peep too. There will be 4-5 clues spread out over the coming weeks in no particular order. Feel free to post guesses as often as you'd like :)

So it is now time for official baby name clue number 1: (drumroll)

You can find part of the name in a movie title

(No de ja vu, Sabrina's name also fit this clue, and no we did not do it on purpose)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pregnancy update

Amazingly, we are 27 weeks along in this pregnancy and cannot believe how time flies! I have had a few requests for an update of belly pics and progress so here it is! We feel blessed with how relitively uneventful this pregnancy has been thus far, only minor bumps along the way. Lil peep has been living up to her name by being wild and rambunctious. It feels like there is constantly a party going on in there which is fun to watch and feel. Looking ahead, we are getting excited to see how Sabrina and her little sister will get along. We are almost done getting Sabrina's new room together and are anxious to see how she'll handle that transition as well.
For those of you who remember our pregnancy with Sabrina, we had a riddle of sorts for those wanting to guess her name and we have now got one ironed out for this pregnancy as well. We will be giving the first clue out next week as we begin the home stretch (third trimester). We look forward to hearing the guesses people have!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Play time!

Today my mommy told me I was having a friend over to play for a while! Grace came to play while her mommy had an appointment to go to. At first I wasn't so sure about having someone else playing with my toys, but we played follow the leader around the house and rolled the ball back and forth, played with the pop pop machine and had a snack. It was lots of fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

We finally found the cord back!

We haven't been posting in a while because we had lost the cord to connect our camera to the computer my my dear hubby has been a treasure hunter lately and not only found the cord we needed but a couple lost remote controls as well! What a great guy I have!
Here are a few things that we have been up to lately:
A couple weekends ago, Aunt Lisa and cousin Mariah came to visit the Zylstras so we brought Sabrina over so all the girls could play! It was great to see them and catch up!
Poppy and Nana went with us to the aquatic center one Sunday afternoon. Sabrina loved the water and all the quality time she got to spend with Poppy in the pool!

As some of you may know if you have checked in on the blog, Sabrina has a thing for cleaning (NOT a trait from her mommy) she loves laundry, pretending to vaccuum, and now we've found she has a thing for windows! She and daddy cleaned all the glass she slobbers on when looking at the geese!

Last Sunday we got together with the Iverson side to celebrate Trisha and my birthday's as well as have an Easter egg hunt! Sabrina caught on to what was happening quickly and would say "more egg, more egg!" Lilia and Abigail were great at sharing the eggs and making sure that Sabrina got some. Anyone who is around Sabrina for more than an hour, will quickly discover her love for Elmo as it's something she talks about all the time. Recently, she has developed a love for the bus! We have NO IDEA where this came from, but she waits in the morning to see it go past (don't know when she figured this out) and always points them out while we are driving. So tonight daddy took her on a special trip to the Zeeland bus garage and she went nuts! The had to touch every bus and got to walk on them. She was in heaven until she had to leave and then the tears began. I think she was glad Daddy brought her even though it was hard to leave!