Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story Time

Lately, Sabrina has been really into telling elaborate stories as if she is reading them from a book. Just before this video, she had told a really great a detailed tale of Jay and Drew's wedding...it was even kinda funny with Drew "tumbling" down the stairs and landing on his "buns" and jay kissing it better. Too cute. I tried to have her retell it, but it wasn't quite the same on round two, but none the less, we'll share it with you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Lessons

This week was so much fun as Sabrina and 12 of her friends (in 4 seperate classes) had swimming lessons with Miss Martha at our pool. For us it was almost like speed(play)dating as each day Moms and kids rotated in and out, wet kids, dry kids, kids playing, kids sleeping...you name it we had it. All the activity was so much fun! Today was the last day and all the kids and siblings stayed for pizza and more swimming afterwards. It was the only day of the week with cloudy drizzly skies, but we made the best of it!Jacob, Sabrina and Caden getting in the pool for lessons! Kicking with Miss Martha!
Jacob, Caden And Sabrina at the end of class!
Sabrina eating lunch with Parker, Ava, Lily, McKenna,and Colton
Everyone swimming :)
Sabrina did so well in her class, I was so proud! She learned to swim without swimmies on a kickboard (with Miss Martha's help of course), to float on her tummy and back, and blow bubbles. Her favorite was "scooping and kicking" and jumping in to Miss Martha at the end of class. Miss Martha was infinately patient and does such an amazing job with the kids. Thank You Again Martha!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Anabelle is Offically One

Yep, another birthday post, but why not? My sweetie only turns one once right?
First off, for those who are interested Anabelle had her one year pics done (and some family shots too) By Christy Packanowski recently and they truned out SO CUTE!!! If you want to check them out go to www.clpphotography.com...the client and then the password is "anabelle". :)
We celebrated her offical big day up north at my parents cottage. It was crummy weather all week so beaching it was out so we ent to the Kaliseum (in Kalkaska, MI). What might you ask is the Kaliseum? It's essentially a hokey named rec center with a fun pool and kiddie pool for the kiddos! Anabelle was NOT into it at first, but the idea grew on her in a hurry and she really had a blast! The take it slow approach really is very much Anabelles way, she does this with most things these days.
Much has changed with Anabelle in the last month even. SHe is now preferring walking over crawling and at times even breaks into a little trot. It's too cute to see her scoot around more. It really has given her more independance and has helped her be somewhat less needy (praise God!). She is eating many different foods, but is a moody/quirky eater like her mama (I knew that would bite me in the butt someday!). We are over half done with her last can of formula and is transitioning to milk so easily! SHe had also said her first word.."Look" which we hear all the time now with frantic pointing. I love this window into her as we now can understand more what shes facitated by. Hmm...I could go on, but will not bore you with my rambling :) Here are a few pics of some other fun things that have been happening lately with Anabelle: Warming up to the water with mommy at the KaliseumWhen Anabelle learned to walk she also learned to climb...EVERYTHING!
Anabelle now sleeps with her cow pillow and blankie :) Sweet dreams love!
New sunhat and shades
The girls watch Sid the Science kid at lunch time (so mommy can get lunch ready!) and as soon as the music starts, Anabelle grins and starts rocking!Enough hair for a bow!!! "Look"

Happy Birthday Anabelle!