Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Biggest Baby Turnes 3!!

Today is Sabrinas 3rd Birthday! We couldnt be more happy to celebrate this special day with her. Each day God has given us to spend with her is such a blessing and a gift! This year, she had 3 parties, one with each side of the family and one today with just us! She is a lucky girl to have such wonderful people to celebrate with her! I have gotten asked a number of times about the "themes" of these parties. We let her pick this year and she had one "Bob the Builder" party with my side at our house and a Tinkerbelle party at Chuck E CHeese with Brads family. We like to think her choices indicate her "well roundedness" :) Today she was princess for the day and got to make all the choices: clothing, where we went, and food. SHe wore her pjs with shades at breakfast, a Halloween outfit all day, and for dinner chose canned corn, brocolli cauliflour salad, and Pizza Hut Cheese Breadsticks. Lets just say we may all have indigestion soon. We also baked her cake together this afternoon, it wasnt pretty, but it was fun!!! Brad took Sabrina outside to play in the snow and in the hot tub later...all her favorite things! She was pooped at bedtime :) Here are a few shots from all the birthday festivities!
Sabrina with her Bob the Builder Cake
With her packages
Make a Wish!
With her crown at Chuck E Cheese Her new Dollyhouse
Her "shady breakfast" :)
Our interesting dinner
Gifts in her pumpkin outfit :)
Woo Hoo! My girl is Three!!! Where did the time go!
Love you BabyDoll!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Messie Bessie gets cleaned up!

OH My messy Anbelly :) Lately she has really begun to embrace the mess of food instead of avoid it....of course this makes for some great pictures :)

Of course, with the mess comes the cleanup! Anabelle LOVES her tubby! At the mention of the word she goes running for the bath and starts trying to srtip off whatever clothes she has on!

Squeeky Clean now! :)