Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun

House update

Here's a quick photo update of how the house is coming for those who have asked.. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry I've been a bad blogger, or distracted blogger or whatever you want to call it. We have been very busy with the house and a wonderful mini vacation (photos to come) and lots of other fun things.

On fun thing that we did a few weeks ago was get together with my good friend Caryn and her twins Eden and Sebastien who were born a week after Anabelle. We took some pics of the babies and then Sabrina woke from her nap and joined in with her bedhead!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Girl's Best Friend

Not long ago, Grammie bought Sabrina this stool so she could stand up by thie sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands. Its great! Stable but collapseable, not too big not too smalland recently it has become Sabrina's constant companion! Why would a girl like Sabrina fall so madly in love with a stool you might ask. Well, she is really into wanting to be in on everything Brad and I do...dishes, cooking, washing bottles, changing Anabelle's diaper, you name it, she is there with the stool! It also has become handy for turning lights on and off. Yesterday I began to smell this strange smell and realized Sabrina had turned on the gas fireplace! OYE!!! With growth comes oppertunity for more teaching :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Anabelle 3 mo. Pics: The good, the bad, and the insane

I can't believe Anabelle is three months old already!! It has certainly been an eventful three months but things are going better these days. Anabelle is off of all the meds, except Prevecid and her feedings are going exponentially better which makes ALL of us happy! I took her "month by month in the chair" pics last week and the cutest one unfortunately had her hat on, but who says a girl cant rock a beanie, eh? Our professional pics were, well quite a fiasco....see below for the rest of the story.

So I went on Tuesday to get Anabelle's pics done at a mall studio who shall remain nameless and was thinking it would be a breeze because Anabelle smiles SO easily and does her tummy time like a champ. No prob right?? Well only if your photographer can actually USE A CAMERA!!!!
Here's Anabelle skydiving for the first time...

Here she is being dropped from the sky by the stork...
This one was more about the disgusting 80's background and silly lacy pillow then Anabelle

And this one, no matter how much you rotate it, she looks upside down somehow!!

So much for a great, easy shoot!!!

We did get a two sort of decent pics, so we didn't leave totally emptyhanded!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reliving my youth

One of the many awesome parts about being a mom is the endless opportunities to play! Not just sit and supervise or provide support and encouragement but to actually engage in real, let-it-all-hang-out play! I got to do this often in my job working with kids, but there I always had to keep in mind what we were accomplishing or the goal of the play or what the child was processing and how to facilitate that. With my own kiddos, it's just plain fun! Sabrina is to an age now where she is beginning to imagine and it able to play with some of my old favorites! We played play doh the other day for 3 hours!!!! I cannot tell you how great it was to have that salt doh under my nails again! Heaven!

This was our potatohead family...Sabrina named them all herself (from left to right) The real Sabrina (obviously!) potato Sabrina, Auntie Jay, Anabelle, Daddy and Mommy

After writing this post it got me thinking of other childhood faves I can track down for us to play with....anyone have any old faves that are fun to do with kiddos??