Monday, April 16, 2012

Flip into Spring Meet

For about the last year the girls have been taking gymnastics at a great gym in Zeeland. They sterted with a summer camp and loved it so much they have continued through the school year. Anabelle enjoys the ramming around and the activity (but misses the tutus and glitz of dance). Sabina however it SOLD, I mean all in! :) She just loves gymnastics and really pushes herself to try new things. At home, we see her upside down more than right side up these days! This past friday, the girls participated in there first was a fun meet that worked as a fundraiser for the gym so no judges or anything, just fun showing off their routines for family!

At the beginning they got a pep talk from Miss Tammi and did some stretching.
Anabelle doing her floor routine
and beam.
Sabrina on Bars (one of her faves)
and her floor.
At the end, the kids had handstand contests with their age group for anyone who wanted to try. Sabrina jumped right in...she did well, but didnt win.
At the end the kids all got ribbons and trophies. They were SO excited to have a REAL trophy! Anabelle kept stroking it on the whole ride home saying "is my fragile, goldish statue mom, I just love it!". Too cute!


The Adamski Family said...

So cute! Get ready to spend many hours at the gym watching your girls do gymnastics!! It is fun for them and you can't find a better coach than Ms Tammy!!

Amanda said...

Your girls did great! Gymnastics is such a fun sport for the girls, and there is so much support at Flipside - they are always so positive.